json mv extraction

# clean up some field names for ease of typing later
| rename events{}.code AS a_c, events{}.message AS a_m, events{}.timestamp AS a_ts, events{}.priority as a_p
# combine mv fields together using mvzip (to get tuples as comma-delim'd strings)
| eval b_combined = mvzip(mvzip(mvzip(a_c, a_m), a_ts), a_p)
# get rid of the a_* fields, simply b/c we don't need them clogging up the ui
| fields - a_*
# expand out the combined fields
| mvexpand b_combined
# extract nicely named fields from the results (using the comma from mvzip as the delimiter)
| rex field=b_combined "(?<e_c>[^,]*),(?<e_m>[^,]*),(?<e_ts>[^,]*),(?<e_p>[^,]*)"
# get rid of the combined field b/c we don't need it
| fields - b_*
# urldecode the field that you care about
| eval e_m = urldecode(e_m)



some json data with pretty specific structure