geo-location w/ user home base lookup

# get some location information
| iplocation clientip
# lookup user details from a lookup table
#  including their home location
| lookup user_home_lu user as user
# calculate the distance between the login location
#  and the user's home location
#  using the haversine app (
| haversine originField=home_latlon units=mi inputFieldLat=lat inputFieldLon=lon
# limit the list to those where the distance is greater
#  than 500 miles
| where distance > 500
# clean up for reporting purposes
| strcat City ", " Region cs
# report the results
| fields user, cs, distance


find users that are logging in from a location which is greater than 500 miles away from the registered home office


haversine app clientip lookup table with user > home_latlon