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index=_internal sourcetype="splunkd" log_level="ERROR" 
| stats sparkline count dc(host) as hosts last(_raw) as last_raw_msg values(sourcetype) as sourcetype last(_time) as last_msg_time first(_time) as first_msg_time values(index) as index by punct 
| eval delta=round((first_msg_time-last_msg_time),2) 
| eval msg_per_sec=round((count/delta),2) 
| convert ctime(last_msg_time) ctime(first_msg_time) 
| table last_raw_msg count hosts sparkline msg_per_sec sourcetype index first_msg_time last_msg_time delta  | sort -count


identifies frequently occurring errors in your splunk instance. LSS knocking out the top 10 on this list will make your splunk instance very happy