It's a pretty popular search command and it is used in all sorts of situations. Below are some really cool searches that use dedup along with other search commands.

Indexes my user can search.

| rest /services/data/indexes
| search
    | rest /services/data/indexes
    | dedup title
    | table title
    | search
            | rest splunk_server=local /services/authorization/roles
            | search
                        | rest splunk_server=local /services/authentication/users
                        | search
                                        | rest /services/authentication/current-context
                                        | search type=splunk
                                        | table username
                                        | rename username as title ]
| fields roles
| mvexpand roles
| rename roles as title] imported_srchIndexesAllowed=*
| table imported_srchIndexesAllowed
| rename imported_srchIndexesAllowed as title
| mvexpand title] ]
| stats values(splunk_server) as splunkserver by title
| eval splunkserver=mvjoin(splunkserver,":")
| lookup non_internal_indexes title as title OUTPUT description as description
| fields title, description, splunkserver
| rename title AS Index



lookup csv with columns "title" of Index and "description"


We use in a ~200 Users env to show the user in which Index he is allowed to search.